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Yvonne founded Hayloft from her kitchen table back in 1993.

Harriet soon joined forces, where many a day was spent taking orders, hand-picking plants and carefully packaging products whilst overseeing any commotion from mischievous little ones. 

In recent times, we have grown beyond measure, moving from kitchen table to office desk (quite literally) and are embracing an ever-expanding team of individuals who share the same ethos and high quality standards that were engrained from the very beginning.

We are entering into our 25th year and are exciting to share some exciting projects and offers with you throughout 2018. Keep your eyes peeled on the website, blog and social media.

Yvonne, Harriet and Evie are still at the forefront of Hayloft, retaining the values that were introduced at the very beginning.

We are all immensely proud of the brand and the products we offer to you, our valued and loyal customers. 

Some of you have followed our journey as we have grown and matured and we are eternally grateful for your ongoing support. We are equally as grateful to those who are new to the Hayloft family and hope that you continue to follow us for the next 25 years! 

Take a look at our blog post where Becky interviews Yvonne, Harriet and Evie: 

25 Years Young Blog

We will continue to update this page throughout the year, so do not forget to come back and visit!

The Hayloft girls x