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Available Now

Different plants lend themselves to being propagated at different times so not all plants are available all year round.

So if you feel impatient, and do not want to wait, this ever changing selection of plants can be dispatched to you over the next 14 / 21 days.
Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle Begonia Beauvilia Salmon
Calibrachoa Celebration Orient Hesperis matronalis alba
Passiflora incarnata Incense Lavatera Barnsley Baby
Begonia Beauvilia Lemon Osteospermum Tresco Purple
Petunia Night Sky Penstemon Dark Towers
Penstemon Glaber Salvia Love and Wishes
Salvia Wendy's Wish Salvia Microphylla Hot Lips
Calibrachoa Chameleon Sunshine Berry Calibrachoa Calitastic Mango
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose Zinnia Zahara Double Fire
Dianthus Widecombe Fair Erysimum Winter Orchid
Lavender angustifolia Edelweiss Echinacea (Coneflower) Fatal Attraction
Petunia Fragrant Double Tumbelina Clara Arctotis The Ravers, Cherry Frost
Arctotis The Ravers, Pumpkin Pie Fuchsia Novelty Blacky
Fuchsia Blacky Lithodora diffusa Heavenly Blue
Dianthus Sweet Collection Lathyrus Latifolius White Pearl AGM
Begonia Fragrant Mix Kniphofia Collection
Hydrangea arborescens Strong Annabelle Hydrangea macrophylla Miss Saori
Delphinium Magic Fountain Mixed Collection Delphinium Collection
Delphinium Collection Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades
Trachelospermum jasminoides Bletilla mixed collection
Bletilla striata AGM Bletilla striata Soryu Blue Dragon
Bletilla striata Shi-ran Hibiscus moscheutos Rouge
Hibiscus moscheutos Rose Clair Rosa Rhapsody in Blue
Rosa Alpine Sunset Lobelia mixed collection
Pyracantha Golden Paradise Rhodanthemum Viscy
Gardenia Crown Jewel Tanacetum coccineum Robinson's Red
Aconitum mixed collection Aconitum napellus album
Aconitum napellus Gaura lindheimeri Cherry Brandy
Petunia Crazytunia Stonewashed Osteospermum Erato Purple
Osteospermum Erato Lemon Pink Diascia Breezee Red
Diascia Breezee Angelica sylvestris Vicar's Mead
Iris Collection Iris Collection
Angelonia angustifolia Serena Collection Lysimachia ephemerum
Eucomis Aloha Maui Eucomis Aloha Leia
Cordyline Pink Passion Hydrangea mixed collection
Hydrangea Forever & Ever Peppermint Hydrangea You & Me Perfection
Hydrangea macrophylla You & Me Perfection Meconopsis x sheldonii Lingholm
Meconopsis betonicifolis Hensol Violet (Himalayan Poppy) Meconopsis betonicifolis Hensol Violet (Himalayan Poppy)
Echinacea (Coneflower) Breeders Mix Scabiosa incisa Kudo
Anemone nemorosa (Wood Anemone) Collection Helenium (Helens Flower) Rauchtopas
Helenium (Helens Flower) Rubinzwerg Penstemon Pensham Wedding Day
Helleborus (Hellebore) niger Praecox Helleborus (Hellebore) Double Ellen Red
Helleborus (Hellebore) Double Ellen White Helleborus (Hellebore) Pretty Red
Geranium hybrid Patricia Geranium Collection
Geranium x magnificum Rosemoor Geranium Rozanne
Geranium psilostemon Ivan AGM Geranium Midnight Reiter
Geranium Collection, Southcombe Double, Laura and Violaceum Crocosmia Babylon
Primula veris Verbascum Jolly Eyes
Verbascum Clementine Clematis Prince George
Phlox paniculata Blue Paradise Hebe Collection