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How to Grow Geraniums

Position – Full sun or part shade

Soil – Fertile, well-draining

Flowering Period – May to september

Hardiness – Fully hardy to hardy (dependant on variety)


About Geraniums

Geraniums are annuals, biennials, perennials that are either herbaceous or evergreen. Geranium should not be mistaken for the commonly referred to ‘Pelargonium’, which are the family of tender varieties, mostly used as bedding or houseplants. Geranium are much loved for their distinctive 5-petalled flowers which are produced in a wide range of colours that bloom for months on end. They’re incredibly adaptable and can be grown in containers as well as borders with resistance to drought and pests. You should expect to see Geraniums grow to an approximate height of 50cm (20”) and a spread of 1m (3’).

How to plant Geraniums

Geraniums are best planted in fertile, well-drained soil of chalk, loam, sand and clay within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance. A general rule is that the darker the leaf the better suited they are for a shady position. Make sure the crown of the plant is not buried below the surface of the soil and that you water well after planting.

Geraniums have a sprawling habit so position them in an appropriate site where they will have sufficient room to spread. Geranium are best suited to an area that has access to full sunlight or part shade.

How to care for Geraniums

Geraniums require very little care after planting. Remove old flowers when they fade and provide a generous amount of water during periods of drought. Apply a mulch to the base of your plant during spring to encourage healthy flowering.

How to propagate Geraniums

It is possible to propagate Geranium by division. During spring or autumn lift the whole plant out of the ground and use a spade to cut the plant in half, making sure each section has 3 to 5 healthy shoots. Plant each new division as soon as possible either somewhere else in a border or in a container.