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New Plants for this Year!

Plant breeders work tirelessly to raise new and unusual varieties within the plant world.

Here at Hayloft, as well as offering some old favourites we continually search and keep regular contact with these breeders so that you can be one of the first to grow these new introductions.
Hydrangea quercifolia Snowflake Paeonia Itoh Scaumdiddlyumptious
Baptisia Pink Lemonade Senecio Candicans Angel Wings
Titanotrichum Oldhamii Primula Mandarin Kisses
Trachelospermum Asiaticum Pink Shower Eucalyptus Gunnii France Bleu Rengum
Geranium Jolly Jewel Red Geranium Jolly Jewel Lilac
Aubretia Collection Aubretia Gloria
Anemone Rivularis Glacier Aster Collection
Aster Alpinus X Blue Aster Alpinus X Pink
Aster Alpinus X White Penstemon Purple Perfection
Delphinium Red Caroline Euphorbia x martini Ascot Rainbow AGM
Euphorbia charachias subsp wulfenil Alstroemeria Inticancha Red
Aubretia Royal Blue Heliopsis Helianthoides Double Sunstruck
Rehmannia elata Rehmannia henryi
Rehmannia hybrid Polina Rehmannia Collection
Verbascum Jackie in Stots Verbascum Jackie in Yellow
Saxifraga cortusifolia Cheap Confections Saxifraga fortunei Gokka
Saxifraga Collection Saxifraga fortunei Beni-tsukasa
Miscanthus sinensis Kaskade Lavatera Bluebird
Agastache Collection Nepeta Faassenii Purrsian Blue
Leontopodium Nivale Subsp Alpinum Blossom of Snow Geum Censation Pink Fluffy
Geum Censation Coral Pearl Phlox Subulata Violet Pinwheels
Geum Censation Two Tone Pear Geum Collection
Agastache Mango Tango Agastache Peachy Keen
Agastache Rosie Poise Lewisia longipetala Little Peach
Dierama Snowbells Silene Hybrid Sparkling Rose
Erodium Roseum Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta White
Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Purple Arenaria purpurascens
Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Pink Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta Collection
Erodium Bishops Farm Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet
Perovskia (Russian Sage) Atriplicifolia Rocketman Helenium (Sneeze Weed) Can Can
Hydrangea macrophylla L. A. Dreamin Lychnis flos-cuculi Petit Henri
Pennisetum Princess Caroline Allium Millenium
Monarda Pink Frosting Stokesia Laevis Blue Frills
Digitalis x Valinii Illumintion Flame Digitalis x Valinii Illumintion Cherry Brandy
Digitalis x Valinii Illumintion Apricot Stachys officinalis Ukkie
Monarda Grape Gumball Monarda Bubblegum Blast
Millettia reticulata Ajuga Repens Valfredda Chocolate Chip
Drift Rose Pink Drift Rose Peach
Drift Rose Collection Digitalis x Valinii Illumintion Collection
Stachys officinalis Ukkie Drift Rose Pink
Drift Rose Collection Drift Rose Popcorn
Calibrachoa Double Can Can Light Pink Philadelphus Snowbelle
Philadelphus Belle Etoile Philadelphus Bialy karzel
Choisya x Scented Gem Philadelphus Little White Love
Cosmos Collection Phlox paniculata Hannah
Hemerocallis Punch Yellow Hemerocallis Collection
Phlox paniculata Anastastia Phlox paniculata Johanna
Phlox paniculata Famous White Eye Geranium himalayense Birch's Double Red
Geranium Double White Snow Hemerocallis Red Ribs
Hemerocallis Cream Potentilla nepalense Ron McBeath
Iris Flying Fiddles Iris Kaboom
Iris Miss Apple Iris Collection
Iris sibirica Black Joker Crocosmia Meteore
Lagerstrormia Indica Berry Dazzle Amaryllis Collection
Amaryllis Red Bulb and Red Bauble Amaryllis White Bulb and Gold Bauble
Escallonia Pink Elle Amaryllis bulb with red bloom in red container