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Started in 1993, Hayloft Plants is an independently owned company run by a team of ladies specialising in rare and unusual garden plants. 

We are proud to offer Gardeners' World readers an exclusive collection of plants; we hope you enjoy this selection as much as we have enjoyed sourcing them!


Cercis siliquastrum - The Judas Tree
Geranium Rozanne
Sophora prostrata Little Baby
Chrysanthemum Collection
Chrysanthemum  x rubellum 'Clara Curtis'
Chrysanthemum  x rubellum 'Mary Stoker'
Chrysanthemum x 'Duchess of Edinburgh'
Hydrangea petiolaris
Allium Mixed Collection
Tulip 'Rasta Parrot'
Collection Patio Shrubs
Buddleja Sophie
Philadelphus Manteau d'Hermine